Tuesday, August 30, 2016

For our Fall program and Annual Meeting on Saturday, September 24, we return to the accessible Windsor Historical Society. Our speaker will be State Historian Walter Woodward, whose topic will be "The Cost of Battles Not Fought: Wars and Rumors of War in Early New England." This thought-provoking and image-rich presentation looks at the role rumors played in the early wars between English settlers and the native people whose land they occupied, focusing on the first and most shocking of these conflicts - the Pequot War of 1636-1637.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


The New England Regional Genealogical Conference (NERGC) is just around the corner, 15-18 April at the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence, RI. The conference will include more than 90 lectures by speakers including Judy G. Russell, "The Legal Genealogist"; Lisa Louise Cooke of the Genealogy Gems Podcast; and Genealogy Roadshow host Joshua Taylor, as well as Librarians and Teachers Day, Tech Day, Ancestors Roadshow, Special Interest Groups, workshops, and a bonus track of presentations in the Exhibit Hall. DFAW's Genealogist, Edwin Strickland, will be presenting Session F-224, "Westmoreland: Connecticut's Lost County" and DFAW's President, Richard Roberts will be presenting Session S-306, "Genealogical Resources and Services at the Connecticut State Library". Why pay full price? Save 20% by registering now! NERGC Early Bird registration deadline is this Saturday, February 28th. To register online or download the Program Brochure, go to www.nergc.org. See you in Providence!

Thursday, February 12, 2015


Our February First Class mailing with the registration form for our March 14 program and meeting, information on how YOU can help at our booth in the NERGC Exhibit Hall April 16-18, and dues reminder (if applicable) went out last Thursday, February 5. The Winter 2015 (February) issue of the Newsletter was mailed today. It includes reminders about our March 14 meeting and the upcoming New England Regional Genealogical Conference, a genealogical article about the founders of the Loomis Chaffee School, and more. Not a member? E-mail dfaw1633@yahoo.com and ask for membership information.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Back on October 1, 2014 we rolled out the Member-Get-A-Member Campaign. Many thanks to those of you who have referred new members, requested a packet to “gift” a membership to a family member, or offered to distribute and share information with others to help us meet our goal. The time is right. Interest in genealogy and access to information about lineage is at an all time high. And, the number of descendants of the Founders exponentially grows with each generation added. You are in a good position to help us spread the word about the benefits of DFAW! Who better to “grow” the organization than YOU who experience the benefits and have a stake in DFAW’s health and vitality. PLEASE FIND A WAY TO HELP MAKE THIS CAMPAIGN A SUCCESS WITH YOUR PARTICIPATION Request your Member-Get-A-Member-Campaign Packet today by Email: DFAW1633@yahoo.com

Thursday, January 15, 2015


Hold the date! This year's "Spring" Program and Luncheon will be held a week early -- on Saturday, March 14, 2015 -- at the East Granby Congregational Church. Our speaker will be Mel Smith from the History and Genealogy Unit of the Connecticut State Library, who will be giving a presentation on "Beyond the Barbour Collection, Finding Your Ancestors in Connecticut Governmental Documents!" Watch for registration information in the February Newsletter and First Class mailing.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Established in 1983, and now with over 650 active members nationwide, the Descendants of the Founders of Ancient Windsor is pleased to be part of the Thirteenth New England Regional Genealogical Conference. Attendees will not want to miss becoming familiar with this unusual society with roots in traditional lineage relationships but open to members regardless of their ability or interest in proving direct descendancy to one of Windsor’s Founders. The purpose of the Descendants of the Founders of Ancient Windsor is to record and preserve the history and genealogy of the founders of ancient Windsor, their families, and their descendants. Persons support that purpose by paying membership fees and dues as well as with their leadership and participation. Founders are individuals who appear on records pertaining to Windsor by the end of 1641. Over 130 such heads of households have been identified and are presented in our Founders List. Many persons with roots in Colonial times are descended from multiple families on our Founders List. However, although DFAW is a lineage association, documented descent from a Founder is not a pre-requisite for membership. Because DFAW wishes to gather and to verify as much genealogical data as possible, we request that members with bloodline descent from one or more Founders take a second step when their time and resources permit and fill out a Lineage Form complete with standard proofs of descent. After that line is verified by our genealogist, DFAW issues a Certificate of Lineage. Lineage Forms with instructions for documentation are available from the membership secretary (Pamela Roberts), returned for initial review to the Registrar (Olivia Patch) and sent on to the Genealogist (Edwin W. Strickland II) for full review. In our thirty-one years of existence, we have gathered much primary and published material on the Founding Families of Windsor. Our information is contained in a computerized database. Much of that database, as well as our library collection, is available during regular hours at the Windsor Historical Society in Windsor, Connecticut. For information about on line research requests go to http://windsorhistoricalsociety.org/research_requests.html We maintain contact with our members through two means: a quarterly newsletter and semi-annual meetings. Our 12-page newsletter is edited by the current DFAW President and NERGC 2015 Tri-Chair Richard Roberts and includes articles submitted by members on new genealogical findings, upcoming meetings, and other items of importance to Windsor descendants. Our Annual Meeting occurs on the Saturday closest to Windsor's birthday, September 26. Our Spring Luncheon usually occurs on the last Saturday of March but this year it will take place on March 14. Meetings feature a speaker, food, and the opportunity to share news with other Windsor

Monday, August 25, 2014


Our Fall Program and Annual Meeting on Saturday, September 27 features two informative presentations: At 10:30 Dave Robison will present "Resources at the Lyman and Merrie Wood Museum of Springfield History and Archives." It will include a description of the immense collections contained there including family genealogies, 2.5 million pages of manuscripts, letters, photos, diaries, deeds, account books, land transfer documents, military records of the Revolutionary War and the Civil War, Springfield newspapers on microfilm to 1899, city directories from 1845 to 1988 (includes Springfield, Chicopee, Longmeadow and West Springfield), Sanborn Fire Insurance maps, and much, much more. Following a 12:00 luncheon catered by Kane's Market of Simsbury, at 1:00, in recognition of the 100th Anniversary of the Loomis Chaffee School, Karen Parsons will present "Fleshing Out the Lives of the Founders of the Loomis Chaffee School," describing new research on the five Windsor-born Loomis siblings who founded the Loomis Institute in 1874. This research, conducted in preparation for the Loomis Chaffee School’s centennial year, sheds light on their vision for the school as well as many other aspects of the siblings’ lives.